Allen David Wickers
1893 - 1993
Gentleman, adventurer and philanthropist

Allen David Wickers born July 2nd 1893 to Robert Allen Wickers and Cynthia Helen Paget of Chester England. He is survived by his two children Robert Allen II and Mary Elizabeth Wickers - Thompson. He attended Rugby School until the untimely death of his parents in the RMS Titanic tragedy. He played football for Liverpool Football Club from 1911 to 1914. When war broke out in France he answered his country’s call and joined The Royal Air Corp. After sustaining serious injuries in combat he was discharged. During his recovery he met and eventfully married Mildred Ella Chance. Mr. Wickers spent the next 5 decades traveling the world and spreading the word about what he called the beautiful game of football.

Among other things he was one of the fabled Bentley Boys and competed in the inaugural 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1923. In 1928 he was an unofficial competitor in the Military Patrol event at the Winter Olympics. In 1932 while exploring Egypt he excepted a challenge from an acquaintance and set out on a 18 month long trek down the Nile. Later in 1936 he circumnavigated the globe in a J class Yacht he dubbed the Spion Kop. After an aborted attempt at summiting Everest in 1940 he returned to England and was rumored to have spent the remainder of world war 2 working on his majesties behalf. Upon his retirement from public life in 1973 he purchased a small public house, The Oriental Dragon, near his home in Nottingham. He spent the remainder of his life dividing his time between the Dragon and his workshop where he built racing motorcycles with his grandsons. He died of injuries sustained from a fall down the stairs on July 4 1993.He was 100 years 2 days old. While Allen Wickers did and said many things in his long life, it was his lust for life that endeared him to all he met.

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