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The Allen Wickers Team

Robert Lenore - General Manager

Robert Lenore grew up in the small Town of Farmersville. After high school he migrated to Lubbock to finish up his degree in Hotel/ Restaurant Management at Texas Tech. He worked for Red Robin Gourmet Burgers as a new restaurant opening manager for 7 years. He likes cold beer, good food and friendly women.

Matt Wolters - Manager

Matt was raised in Lubbock, Texas. He moved to Dallas in 1995. Matt has been in the restaurant business since 1996. His epic journey through the kitchens and dining rooms of greater Dallas has finally landed him right where he wants to be, right in the thick of the action at The Allen Wickers.

Evan Rupp - Manager

Evan was raised in Perry, Oklahoma and attended Conners State College. Evan is married with one child. He is an avid Liverpool FC and Dallas FC supporter.

Bryan Thompson - Bar Manager

Bryan gave up a promising career in the construction industry to pursue a life of leisure in the people business. Bryan is a rabid supporter of Liverpool FC and Dallas FC. P.S. Bryan Loves beer as you will see when you visit the bar at The Allen Wickers.

Our story

Once upon a time...

In August of 2008, Bryan Thompson & Evan Rupp were in Evan's office at their former employers discussing how displeased they were with their current employment situation and also, their love of football (soccer). They then began talking about how there were no places for real football fans to watch the beautiful game. They were dreaming of starting a pub that was just that. Evan knew his father had always wanted to own a restaurant, so Evan pitched the idea to his father as more of a joke than anything. Two weeks later, Evan received a call from his father asking if they were serious about the idea. They said ABSOLUTELY, and so, The Allen Wickers began.

The Allen Wickers Suite 195
The Allen Wickers Way

Brian and Evan began looking for spaces and the ideas were aplenty, now they just needed someone with restaurant experience. Enter, Robert Lenore. Robert was the man they needed to take this concept to the next level. They found a space they knew was "The One" and began remodeling to make it their own. In the long run, they want this to be the preeminent place to watch football in the DFW area and also a place where the patrons can feel at home, like they are a part of this too. They will never turn away a football fan wanting to watch the beautiful game and have a cold pint with friends. This is The Allen Wickers way!

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